World's fastest storage engine with best compression, powered by Terark searchable compression technology(search into compressed data without decompression). Built for general purpose, optimized for read heavy scenarios.

Fast Random Read

Direct access on compressed data, boosting random read speed.

Stronger Compression

Stronger compression is achieved by global compression while remaining faster.

Lower Latency

Lower latency means better throughput, helps you to scale your product in market.

Cost Less, Save More

With our searchable compression technology, your company will be able to save more than you could ever expect.


Standalone Data Store

TerarkDB is is fully compitable with RocksDB, if your application uses RocksDB API, you don't need to change a single line of your code. Helps to boost your application to better performance.

As a Storage Engine

TerarkDB is an high performance storage engine, it can be embedded into your existing data systems(e.g. MySQL and MongoDB) helps to make your top layer application much faster with lower cost.

  • Higher Compression Ratio
  • Faster Access and Lower Latency
  • Fully Compitable with RocksDB/LevelDB
  • Lower Memory Usage (equals to compressed DB size)