TerarkMongo uses TerarkDB as its storage engine to empower existing MongoDB applications and take their performance to the next level.

Fast Random Read

Direct access on compressed data, boosting random read speed.

Stronger Compression

Stronger compression is achieved by global compression while remaining faster.

Lower Memory Cost

Same physical memory, TerarkMongo is able to serve much more data.
For a fair comparison and to let each database perform at its best, we didn't limit memory usage, letting them use as much memory as they needed. In this scenario, all engines' QPS are similar since all data can fit into memory.


New Mongo Application

MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database

With TerarkMongo, you can have both lots management tools of MongoDB ecosystem and the performance benefits of TerarkDB.

Upgrade From Existing MongoDB

Make your MongoDB faster and smaller than ever

Along with the growth of data, most data systems will eventually meet their bottleneck, our purpose is try to buy you much more time before it happens.

  • MongoDB v3.5 is supported
  • Much better performance with lower cost
  • Built with MongoRocks, Compitable with MongoRocks API
  • Compatible with official MongoDB applications