Command Line Tools

We have a couple of command line tools for you to experience our algorithms. With these convenient tools you don't need to write any code.

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You can download the package from Terark Downloads:

  • terark-fsa_all-Linux-x86_64-g++-VERSION-bmi2-0.tgz
    • works on older machine
  • terark-fsa_all-Linux-x86_64-g++-VERSION-bmi2-1.tgz
    • only works on intel-haswell or better CPUs

After you download the package and unpack it, you will find these directories:

  • root/bin
    • Command line tools
  • root/lib
    • Libraries
  • root/samples/bin
    • Examples and benchmark tools root/samples/src
    • Code examples


NOTE : We've named all the tools with a suffix of .exe, but it's executable on Linux and MacOS.

Library Dependencies

Please add all the libraries from lib dir into your library load path.

# For Linux

# For MacOS

If you have multiple gcc installed, please make sure the correct version's libraries are also in the library path.

  • nlt_build.exe
    • Build a Terark Nested Succinct Trie, TerarkDB's index is compressed by the same data structure.
    • Example:
      • ./nlt_build.exe -o outputfile inputfile.txt
      • Each line in the input file is a single key
  • zbs_build.exe
    • Terark global compression, this algorithm is used for value compression.
    • Example:
      • ./zbs_build.exe -o outputfile inputfile.txt
      • Each line in the input file is a single value
  • zbs_unzip.exe
    • De-compress all data or retrieve a single record from zbs_build.exe, can be used for benchmark
  • fplcat.exe
    • Pack multiple files together then use zbs_build.exe to compress them. When passing the packed file to zbs_build.exe, you should add a -B parameter.
  • adfa_build.exe
    • Create a ADFA (Acyclic DFA) from the input file, each line of the file is a KEY. The generated result could be used for key matching (
  • ac_build.exe
    • Create an AC automata from input patterns, the created AC automata can be loaded from Terark's core API
  • regex_build.exe
    • Create multiple regex matching automata from the input regex collection
  • pinyin_build.exe
    • Create a DFA for PinYin correction.

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